Cambridge Open Art Exhibition: Community Project CALL FOR ARTISTS

Cambridge Open Art Exhibition: Community Project

We are pleased to be working in partnership with Swavesey Village College on this exciting project.  We are looking for an experienced community artist to deliver the project and produce a collaborative piece to be exhibited.

Email if you are interested by 18 May

Artist’s Brief

Aims of the Project
• To produce an installation piece that is the collaborative work of a mixed group of adults and young people, that will be exhibited at the art exhibition.
• To help the group make a connection between creativity and mental well-being.
• To encourage participants to attend the exhibition and enjoy the experience of taking part in it, and have the opportunity to meet many other local artists

• Creation of the collaborative piece to take place over the course of 4 Saturday workshops, in the lead-up to Cambridge Open Art Exhibition
• Workshop dates provisionally 15th, 22nd, 29th Sept and 6th Oct, exhibition dates are fixed as 12th – 14th October 2018
• Workshops to be 3 hours each week
• Workshops to be free, participants to be targeted, local (Cambridgeshire)
• Same group of participants attending week to week

The theme is intended to be a starting point for discussion and ideas. It could be about connections between people broadly, between the people in the group, between objects that make up the installation, or between the artwork and the viewer.
We would like the piece to be something that the audience can step in to, or otherwise interact with. Something that is enclosed works well in the installation space (see below).
We are happy to discuss the chosen theme with the artist.

The Space
The space is a section of the back of the main school hall that is roughly 3 meters wide and extends backwards to the other side of the hall, with a high ceiling (8m?). See attached images. Note that the stacks of tables can be removed and the black curtains can be partially tied back to create more space at the front.
Although this area is in the main exhibition space, it feels separate because it is sectioned off by the black stage curtains, and has its own entrance.

Capacity will be 16 people, and we hope for a 50/50 split between:
1. Young people in Year 11 (15 and 16 years old) who have been identified as either: free school meals; SEN; vulnerable to or known to be struggling with mental health issues; or a combination.
2. Adults who have been identified as either: low-income; or who have experience of mental health issues, but who are at a stage where they would not pose a risk to others in the group; or both.

Support and Supervision
Workshops will be supervised by a member of Swavesey Village College staff and a volunteer assistant artist who is interested in developing a career in arts for mental well-being.
The lead artist should have a DBS Check.

Artist Fees and Expenses
The artist will be paid
– £125 for preparation of the workshops, including any meetings.
– £300 for the delivery of the workshops
Travel within Cambridgeshire will be covered up to a maximum of £180 in total for the duration of the project.
The artist will be given a budget of £500 to source materials for the artwork and anything additional used for the workshops.


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