Cambridge Community Arts
Cambridge Community Arts


Jane Rich, Founder/CEO

I have worked in the Arts and Charity sector for over 25 years and enjoy every day seeing the power of the Arts to make positive change.  I am privileged to be at the helm of an amazing organisation with a wonderful team that help people transform their lives with creativity.  My personal creative pleasures are drawing, painting and crochet and making spreadsheets.


Beth McCabe, Community Learning Manager

I have managed the Learning Programme at CCA since its start and am committed to making the CCA experience as best as it can be for everyone involved. Having lived experience of mental ill health gives me insight into the importance of my role. I enjoy taking the time to listen to people and my personal creative outlets are singing and yoga.


Jen Walsh, Community Arts Co-ordinator

Historically I have had the wonderful opportunity to engage in roles supporting people to move in a healthier direction. This makes me happy. My education has focused around Women’s Studies, Sociology, Counselling and Management of Substance Misuse. I find joy in colour, music, fresh air and humour.


Syrah Arnold, Fenland Community Arts Co-ordinator

I feel a huge amount of satisfaction from enabling and witnessing the positive changes in people’s wellbeing through creative engagement. I have over 30 years’ experience working in arts development, co-ordination and facilitation, as well as that of a commercial illustrator and fine artist. Currently, most of my personal creativity is focused on projects with my son.


Christine Hammond, Next Steps Co-ordinator

I have supported people to achieve their goals in various role throughout my career and am driven by their determination and motivation to tackle life’s challenges and take steps towards moving on.  Qualifications in careers guidance and coaching, and experience cross sectors gives me a solid background to develop “Next Steps”.   Working in a creative environment inspires me to work on my own projects in fused glass and silver clay.


Alan Seiglow, Next Steps Assistant

I really love helping, sharing and enabling others. I know first-hand through my own journey the value of finding wellbeing in creativity. Alongside a passion for theatre, cinema and music I have 20+ years of experience working in cultural and educational organisations. At home I am a practising writer of prose, screenwriting and other assorted ramblings.

What our learners say…

As a company, you make people feel welcome and that’s an important thing I think. I probably wouldn’t have attended for so long if I hadn’t felt calm enough to be able to come in and interact, talking to people.