Cambridge Community Arts
Cambridge Community Arts

Digital Art & Design

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Key info

Tutor: Matthew Magnus
Day: Thursday
Time: 1.30 - 4.30pm
Location: Buchan Street Neighbourhood Centre, CB4 2XF
Nearest bus stop: Northfields Avenue Opp Aragon Close, Kings Hedges / The Busway Orchard Park West (N-Bound)
Nearest train station: Cambridge North

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Course content

Discover digital art at your fingertips, using iPads to explore your creativity and develop new digital skills. Using a range of creative apps, you will develop work using digital painting, photography, illustration, graphic design and collage. You will showcase your work online and at an exhibition.

You will explore, play and create on your iPad in the classroom and on site visits to local cultural spaces. You will produce individual works through design projects. Use the internet to research, inform and publish your work.

I have developed new techniques and confidence to try things and have fallen in love with art again
— learner

What to bring

Your imagination! Along with a willingness to experiment and play on an iPad, you don’t have to have used one before, they are quite intuitive, but it could help if you’re confident with other types of technology (phone / laptop). We will provide you with an iPad to use during sessions as well as the apps you’ll use.

See what you could do

These artworks were produced on an 8 week short Creative Digital Art course. If you would like to have the opportunity to create artwork like this, click the button below and let us know you are interested.