Cambridge Community Arts
Cambridge Community Arts


Community Advisory Panel

The Community Advisory Panel (CAP) meet four times a year and help to ensure that CCA continues to learn and improve, adopting best practice at all times and making sure that learners’ and creative tutors’ voices are heard.


  • Filipa Pereira-Stubbs, Community Arts Professional

  • Neil Winstone, Mental Health Professional

  • Mary O’Sullivan, Education Professional

  • Helen Perry, CCA Creative Tutors’ Representative

  • Dawn Foxley, CCA Learners’ Representative

 Board of Directors

The Board meets four times a year and is responsible for overall financial and strategic management. Members draw on a range of experience to help us achieve our goals. CCA is in the process of applying for charitable status at which point Directors become Trustees.


  • Lesley Thompson, Bursar Lucy Cavendish College (Chair)

  • Hilary Seaward, Accountant (Treasurer)

  • Anne Taylor, Volunteer

  • Ruth Clark, FE Consultant