Cambridge Community Arts
Cambridge Community Arts

Our Impact

There’s more than meets the eye…

Cambridge Community Arts creates healthy creative communities by:

  • Improving mental health

  • Reducing social isolation

  • Increasing educational achievements

  • Progressing people towards employment.

73% of Learners show a statistically significant improvement to their mental well-being as evidenced using the Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale.*

Since 2014 we have offered over 700 course places.

CCA work in a non-judgemental manner and their courses support people to connect with others through art and music.  For very socially disabled people, this has enabled them to express themselves without the need to verbally articulate.  The courses have supported our clients to structure their time and given them a purpose.

 The CCA approach seems to discourage maladaptive coping strategies and it is not an exaggeration to say that for the referred individuals, involvement with CCA has been crucial to their recoveries.

 The CCA approach empowers people who have previously found it difficult to engage in social activities and situations.  The individuals we referred have really flourished, improving their confidence and going on to continue building on those gains even after their courses finish.
— Personality Disorder Community Service, Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust

*2017-18 Short Courses Short Warwick & Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale.

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